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Not all people today live or work in modern buildings and have drywall ceilings and walls. There are still many houses with traditional plaster surfaces, which might get damaged or lose their original beauty with time. Timely repairs can help support the pleasant visual look of the interior and prevent various problems, which might lead to more significant expenses.

What is plaster as a material?

Plaster is a popular material, which is historically used for the creation of walls and ceilings. It consists of primarily dry components that might include sand, lime, or even cattle hair. Those ingredients are then mixed with water in order to obtain a wet plastic substance that hardens when it is dried. Over 100 years ago, another component — gypsum — was added to this material, thus, allowing it to dry and harden faster. As a result, the work with such a material became quicker and more comfortable.

It is a multi-layer material that allows making firm, sound-dampening, and fire-resistant ceilings and walls. Working with plaster might be complicated for those who don’t have the required experience. Thus, certain defects can appear even on a new surface.

Types of damages
that frequently happen

Such a surface isn’t perfect, so it is also liable to damage. The following defects might appear on plaster walls and ceilings:

  • Unevenness of the surface. Such a problem might occur only in the case of poor-quality work, for instance, if people decide to do it themselves or hire unqualified repairers. Experienced professionals are able to create a smooth and even surface.
  • This defect might appear because of a very thick layer of plaster, incorrect preparation of a substrate, or because of the oiliness or dustiness of a substance. As a result, the substance will start separating from walls or ceilings.
  • Such damages can occur for various reasons — for instance, due to the shrinkage of the foundation or seismic activity. Other causes might include rapid drying, movements in the material itself, or inappropriate preparation of the surface. When cracks are small, they are hard to identify, which makes it difficult to solve a problem at an early stage. The appearance of small cracks is known as crazing and can be detected by experts. Cracks might appear because of water damage or dampness.
  • Rust stains. When applying plaster on a metal lath, a problem of rust trains might appear. It’s necessary to prepare the surface correctly and complete the work with plaster professionally to avoid or eliminate such a problem.
  • Sometimes on walls and ceilings covered with plaster, certain whitish crystalline substances might appear. It happens due to the presence of unburnt salt in one of the plaster components. These salts absorb moisture and create white crystalline patches. It’s always vital to use high-quality materials when dealing with repairs.
  • Such damage looks like swellings on the wall or ceiling surface. They might appear because of the late slaking of the lime particles in the material.
  • If you see mortar joints, similar breaks, or other defects on the plaster surface, you have to deal with grinning. In this case, it’s better to apply an undercoat before using plaster. Experienced professionals know how to prevent and deal with this problem.
  • Flaking & Peeling. Due to the absence of bonding or its low quality, small loose masses might be formed on the surface. In other cases, small parts can even come off the walls or ceilings.
  • When there’re seeds, dead burnt lime, or other foreign bodies in the substrate. They lead to the formation of conical holes.

Various damages might appear as a result of temperature fluctuations, water leakages, vibrations from heavy traffic, excessive load, improper material/proportion, or normal aging of the surface. The timely actions are able to quickly return freshness and character to the old constructions and create a nice modern look while preventing more serious defects.

How to fulfill plaster repairs?

Working with any sort of repairs, it’s required to be very accurate and have expertise in the area. There are several tips to successfully complete any sort of repair:

  • Define the problem and its severity correctly.
  • Prepare the wall or ceiling correctly before applying the material.
  • Make sure there’s proper bonding between the surface and substrate.
  • Use high-quality materials and make a substrate with the right proportions.
  • Use suitable techniques for plaster application.

How much does such a repair cost?

The price of repair depends on various aspects, which are:

  • The size of the affected area
  • The severity of the damage
  • The reason for the defect
  • Type of the original surface
  • Materials, which should be used for repair
  • Location of the customer.

Why should you hire a professional?

To avoid higher expenses and more serious damage of your walls and ceilings, it’s better to rely on a professional team. Expert companies offer significant benefits, which are:

  • Professional and correct analysis of the damage
  • Search for the fastest and most suitable solution
  • High-quality materials
  • Time efficiency
  • Experienced specialists, who can fulfill every stage of repair correctly
  • A guarantee for the works fulfilled.

Our company is ready to provide professional help with all sorts of plaster repairs. We work with plaster and drywall patch in Austin and complete other tasks in the shortest time. Our team offers a wide range of patching drywall and plaster services and deals with all the existing types of damage. Our experts are ready to complete all the necessary preparation works depending on the initial surface, apply plaster on walls or ceilings from scratch, or replace a missing part of plaster or drywall. We give a guarantee on all the work fulfilled by our experts. Just contact us to find experienced professionals you can rely on without worries. We’ll find the fastest and most cost-effective solution for your problem. 

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