Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Why You Should choose Drywall Repair
for Popcorn Ceiling Removal?

The way ceilings and walls are installed in a space can make or break its feel. Creating a seamless space that feels cosy and open at the same requires extra focus on the ceilings. However, floors and ceilings are two of the aspects that are often overlooked during the building process. Don’t worry, Drywall Repair will take the hassle out of the process of drywall installation and popcorn ceiling removal.

We are the experts when it comes to ceiling installation and removal. We have extensive experience in turning your bland ceilings into something artistic. Whether you want to install a popcorn ceiling for that period home touch or need to get it replaced with a new style, we are here to take the job for you.

No matter what the magnitude of the project is, we will provide you with an up-front quote on a phone call. We will offer you quick-dry options after understanding your requirements. Drywall Repair guarantees the best popcorn ceiling removal service that suits your budget.

What to expect?

Be it aesthetics, staging your home for sale, or renovations, there are various reasons why people choose to remove the popcorn ceiling. The process of popcorn ceiling removal is complicated and time-consuming hence, it requires the expertise of professionals. the Drywall Repair experts have all that takes to complete even the most difficult popcorn ceiling removal jobs safely and on time.

Our services are all-inclusive. We make sure that your belongings such as ceiling fittings (fans, chandeliers, and lamps) remain unharmed during the ceiling removal process. We also ensure a clean job site once we’ve finished. Our popcorn ceiling removal service includes:

  • Covering furniture, floors, furniture, and decorative pieces with drop cloths
  • Scraping off textured material from beneath ceiling surface
  • Repairing the underlying surface if needed
  • Preparing the remaining ceiling surface before painting

We are leaders in drywall installation and repair services and ceiling removal. You can rely on us for any size of the construction project. All you need to do is to give us a call.

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